Premium Grade Three Coat Stucco Duct Tape 60 Day (Gray)

CL-W6059 Premium Grade Three Coat Stucco Duct Tape 60-Day | ECHOtape
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CL-W6059 is a premium grade gray cloth tape developed for professional stucco contractors. It is used to protect vinyl windows, profiles and doorframes during outdoor stucco application on building walls. This tape is engineered with a high performance rubber adhesive designed to provide superior holding power in hot temperatures and limit residue when removed within a 60-day period.

  • Excellent holding power and durability
  • Outstanding UV resistance lasting up to 60 days
  • Residue free under extreme summerlike weather conditions
  • Conforms to irregular surfaces
  • Holds strong which prevents lifting
  • Hand tearable , leaving a clean and straight edge
  • Does not curl or splinter making it easy to apply
  • Designed to protect window and door frames in outdoor stucco masking applications
  • Designed for single family, multi–family and commercial construction projects
  • Used in two and three-step stucco processes (scratch, brown and finish) where the protective barrier is left in place throughout the entire application
Backing Waterproof polyethylene coated cloth
Thickness 13 mils
Tensile Strength 25 lbs/in
Adhesive Natural rubber
Adhesion 24 oz/in
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