ME-W8306 - Self-Adhesive Fiberglass Reinforcing Mesh Tape


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$ 54.00
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Single Sided

Product Description

ME-W8306 is a self-adhesive fiberglass reinforcing mesh tape with a strong adhesive. It is primarily used by stucco contractors to reinforce architectural foam shapes and trim profiles in outdoor stucco construction. The mesh helps anchor the stucco to the profiles and molded shapes during the stucco application process. This product can also be used by general contractors to reinforce drywall joint compounds (pulling drywall joints). ME-W8306 is designed to be strong yet flexible in order to adhere to contoured surfaces with ease.

  • Contours well around shapes for fast and easy application
  • Is tear, shrink and bubble proof
  • Improves the adherence of stucco to trim profiles and foam shapes
  • Use to reinforce architectural foam shapes and trim profiles
  • Use to reinforce drywall joint compound
  • Use to hide joints, cracks and holes permanently in drywall and stucco repair
Backing Woven fiberglass mesh
Weight 65 g/sq.m 2 (2.2 oz./sq.m)
Tensile Strength MD >440 N/50mm TD >440 N/50mm
Fabric Count Warp 9 ± 0.5 mesh/inch Weft 9 ± 0.5 mesh/inch
Latex (%) ≥ 26
Color Blue, White

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